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October 20, 2023 | With the release of my newest single "Happy to Drown," I'm also unveiling the cover artwork for my EP "Petal Lips, Icy Eyes," out next Friday, October 27th!! Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting my music. It's not easy being a DIY-lofi-bedroom pop-whatever tf you wanna call it, but I'm trying my best just to share my music with the world. These little songs I've had in the back of my mind for years deserve to see the light of day. And if you love it, thanks :) And if you hate it, well, thanks for listening anyway :)
October 13, 2023 | Today my best friend VALERIE releases her debut album, WITHIN THE CONFINES OF YOU. This is a big day for me both professionally and personally. I am a co-writer on 4 songs on the album: "Anchorage," "Rooms," "The Villain," and "Things My Lovers Gave Me," which is an honor and a dream come true. But above all, I have witnessed my friend develop her talent into her own beautiful brand of magical artistry. Her album paints a world that can only be created by her imagination and genius, filled with electronic dance rhythms, bold and brave melodies, and intriguing lyricism. I love her vocal arrangements on all the beautiful harmonies and background vocals. I also have to shoutout Lucas Morelli, who produced the album, and did an immaculate job! CONGRATULATIONS VALERIE, WISHING YOU ROSES.
September 29, 2023 | "Jeep Wrangler" is officially out on all streaming platforms! It's a song inspired by the loneliness of day, secrecy of night, and sad cowboy songs. This is the first single off my 5-track EP titled "Petal Lips, Icy Eyes." Shoutout to Sebastian Hernandez for adding guitar and background vocals. STREAM NOW!

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